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Van Dusen Advantage Rowing Shells

The Evolution of an Extraordinary Design in Rowing Shells

Over the past three decades, Van Dusen racing boats have helped US athletes capture over 50 medals in international competition. Our single and double shells have dominated the National Rowing Championships and National Rowing Team trials, and our shells have carried hundreds of athletes to victory in Head races, Masters', and Veterans' competitions. We are proud we could help these rowers achieve victory on the race course. We believe your Van Dusen racing shell can give you a substantial advantage in achieving your own goal, whether this is obtaining an Olympic gold medal or just the feeling of flying on the water under your own power.

Head of the Charles 2013 - 9 first place medals and 5 course records

Rowers in Van Dusen boats captured 9 first place medals and 5 course records in the 2013 Head of the Charles Regatta. More than 20 Van Dusen boats placed in the top three in the HOCR singles and doubles events. 

C B Sands-Bohrer and Linda Muri - Women's Sr Master 2x record holders
C B Sands-Bohrer and Linda Muri - Women's Sr Master 2x record holders

Choosing your Van Dusen Racing Shell

Van Dusen racing shells are designed for athletes competing at top international levels, but their lightness, strength and responsiveness have also commended them to rowers who value their engineering excellence, durability, and functional grace.

Our current production models are Advantage Flyweight, Lightweight, and Heavyweight singles and Advantage Lightweight and Heavyweight doubles, pairs, and pair/ double convertibles.

Hull Size - Each Van Dusen hull size is designed to minimize hydrodynamic resistance and to optimize athletic performance for rowers in a particular weight class.

  • The Advantage Flyweight for rowers weighing 120 - 155 pounds (available as a single only).
  • The Advantage Lightweight for rowers weighing 140 - 175 pounds.
  • The Advantage Heavyweight for rowers weighing 165 - 220 pounds.

Dimensions of Van Dusen Shells  
  Length Overall Waterline Beam Maximum Depth Weight range
Advantage Hulls:  
Advantage Flyweight 1x 25.15 ft 9.58 in 8.72 in  up to 155 lbs
Advantage Lightweight 1x 25.98 ft 9.64 in 8.72 in  140-175 lbs
Advantage Heavyweight 1x* 26.49 ft 10.38 in 9.00 in  165-220 lbs
Advantage Lightweight 2x/2- 32.54 ft 13.46 in 9.90 in  130-185 lbs
Advantage Heavyweight 2x/2-  33.53 ft 14.11 in 10.17 in  170-240 lbs
Traditional Hulls:  
Lightweight 1x 25.89 ft 8.92 in 10.50 in  135-175 lbs
Midweight 1x 26.51 ft 10.00 in 10.50 in  155-195 lbs
Heavyweight 1x        26.50 ft 11.60 in 10.25 in  180-220 lbs
Midweight 2x/2- 31.51 ft 13.70 in 11.25 in  150-200 lbs
* Please inquire about a custom heavyweight single for people > 220 lbs