For more than 30 years Composite Engineering, has been helping athletes all over the world capture medals in international competition.

Our carbon composite rowing shells and flatwater sprint kayaks are custom designed by naval architect, Ted Van Dusen, Ph.D, who is recognized worldwide as a leader in the design, engineering and production of elite racing products. Our latest kayak creation is the Mohican, an unlimited class, open and flat water, racing kayak. The Mohican is a hybrid design combining elements of ICF Olympic flatwater designs, and open water surf skis.

We are also a custom builder of triaxial carbon spars, stayed, unstayed, or semistayed, including circular, oval, D-shaped, complex furling, and wing masts.

2015 Head of the Charles
11 First Place Finishes in Van Dusen Boats 

Van Dusen First Place finishes - 2015 HOCR

Eliza Kallfelz - Women's Youth 1x

Gevvie Stone - Women's Championship 1x

Russ Cone - Men's Senior Masters 1x

Greg Benning - Men's Grand Masters 1x 

Laura Stirton Aust - Women's Veterans I 1x

Catherine Kemper - Women's Sr Veterans I 1x

Janice Stone - Women's Sr Veterans II 1x

Carlo Zezza - Men's Sr Veterans II 1x

Narragansett Boat Club - Smith/Gorriaran - Men's Sr Masters 2x 

Cambridge Boat Club - Sands-Bohrer/Muri - Women's Sr Masters 2x 

Cambridge Boat Club - Zezza/Zezza - Director's Challenge Mixed 2x

Congratulations all!

Van Dusen Advantage rowing shell

Van Dusen Mohican unlimited class kayak

New shell rack top view

Van Dusen Shell Rack 

easily attach your boat to a car-top rack
 rigged or un-rigged